Modern British Beer

Modern British Beer

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Over the course of the past two decades the British beer scene as we know it has changed, forever. Taking their cues from the craft beer revolution in the US, and the resurrection of traditional styles in Continental Europe alongside a tradition unique to these islands, the brewers of Great Britain and Northern Ireland have carved out a unique and world\-leading beer culture.\n\nMatthew Curtis maps the evolution of Modern British Beer through the intricate stories of individual regional beers. He gives a personal insight into the eclectic and exciting world of Modern British Beer from a choice of 86 influential brews; from how they taste, how their ingredients are sourced, to the engaging stories of the people behind the scenes working hard to bring exciting beer to drinkers all over Britain.
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Hi, the Taproom is currently closed for refurbishment while we install the new brewery. We expect to reopen on Sat. 23rd October.

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